Phone – 07548 264 672  (Monday to Friday – 9 to 4:30)


[email protected]

We can help outside the home


Transport to hospital, clinic, doctors or dentists

Trouble getting there? We can make the journey less stressful


Shopping, small errands


Collecting pensions or prescriptions


Occasional lifts to day centres, luncheon clubs etc

(If your regular transport is not available)


We can help at home with


Occasional cleaning, small gardening jobs, household repairs

(Short-term help if you are unable to do it yourself)


Important letters or difficult to understand forms


Visiting or befriending, when your loved one is in hospital or away


Or, maybe, just a cup of tea and a chat

Regular Events


Coffee Mornings – Meet and make friends

Mondays 10 to 12 at the Heathfield Centre


Seated Exercises – The fun way to keep fit

Tuesdays 2:15 to 3:15 at the Heathfield Centre

Fridays 10:30 to 11:30 at the Heathfield Centre



Lessons to introduce you to the computer age


Men’s Club

Thursdays 10 to 12  at the Heathfield Centre


Extra Events


Coach Trips



Tea Parties



Caddington Walking Group



Events will be added as required



About Us


CaddingtonCare is a voluntary organisation of local residents, committed to helping the people of Caddington, whenever there is a need and whatever their age


Can we help you?


Phone – 07548 264 672 (Monday to Friday 9 to 4:30)


email –  [email protected]

We always need more volunteers!


If you have time that can be put to good use by helping a neighbour, or have transport available at short notice, then please call us



Can you help us?


Phone – 07548 264 672 (Monday to Friday 9 to 4:30)


email – [email protected]